International Program : DISC Programs

"Advanced Lectures on Nano-Science Internationals" have started in Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science since 2008. In the lectures, advanced contents in current image and nano sciences are lectured in English (typically by foreign researchers).
"Advanced Lecture on Nano Imaging" has also started. The class in English contains broad advanced image science from fundamental to application, featuring not only lecture but also discussion and presentation.

The candidates are detached to international conferences and foreign institutes by the program in "International Research Activities".
In the future, we are aiming develop the progam to joint degree program with foreign universities.
The "Nano Imaging Expert" course candidates are required to take these classes. The students in "Nano Imaging Super Associate" and "Nano Imaging Asscociate" courses are requested to take one of two. Through this program, we enhance the international competitiveness of the students.