Program Overview -Concepts-

The Nano Imaging Expert Program at Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science provides a postgraduate educational program that develops a new field of advanced science through orchestration of complementary nano and imaging sciences.

This Program aims at turning out experts who can flexibly combine and develop "nano" knowledge and "nano" materials provided from "nano-science" and future "image" science and technology.

In the Master's course, the Program trains students for "nanoimaging associates" who carry broad backgrounds for "imaging" and "nano" sciences.

For the Doctoral course, the Program nominates excellent students for "the nano imaging expert program" through interview and the examation of their thesis, research achievements, and research proposal. They are trained as "work-ready" researchers, "nano imaging experts". The experts will develop next-generation image science, that will be a vital technology of Japan as one of world leaders in science and technology.

Integration of "Imaging" and "Nano" - Why?

Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science was founded in 2007. The School includes two Majors, information science and nanoscience.

Major of Information Science is a sole institute specialized for the education and research of "image" in Japan.

Major of Nanoscience aims developing novel functional devices through multidirectional control of nanomaterials and through deeply understanding phenomena in nano-scale materials and spaces. 21st-century COE (center of excellence) program "Frontiers of Super-Functionality Organic Devices" is one of their representative works.

Today, information provided by "images" is drastically changing, and expanding towards "nano" fields.
Developing new technologies for future display devices is a new aspect of image science and technology and one of the aims of the School. For this goal, understanding and use of "nanomaterials" such as liquid crystal, organic electroluminescence, and carbon nanotubes, are essential.

Integration of